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Snooper v1.38.3 final + portable (2013) русский + английский

Snooper v1.38.3 final + portable (2013) русский + английский
Год/Дата Выпуска: 2013
Версия: v1.38.3
Разработчик: © 2013 All Rights Reserved.
Разрядность: 32bit,64bit
Язык интерфейса: британский + (русский присутствует)
Таблэтка: Присутствует

Системные требования:
Windows 98, 2000, XP, Vista, Win7 x86 x64 or Win8. NET 2. Sound card.
Microphone and Internet connection for voice mail.
Snooper - программа-шпион по-тихому пишет все звуки улавливаемые микрофоном в помещении во время вашего отсутствия. Когда в помещение тишь либо звуки не определяются как речевые, она тихо спит. Делает отметку на записанных MP3 -файлах о времени записи. Выполнив данный Вами размер записи программка также по-тихому скинет на указанное мыло всё что она услышала вокруг интересующего Вас компьютера.


• Telephone recordings.
• Voice notes.
• Unattended recordings of radios etc.
• Internet recordings.
• Scanner recordings. Catch channels that rarely have activity.
• Recording of barking dogs.
• Noise/sound measurements.
Hidden voice/sound recorder: Recording automatically starts when sound is detected from the microphone input and stops when there is silence. Stealth mode will hide the program from taskbar and tray.
Hotkeys: System wide user definable hotkeys can be set to control the program. Recordings can start/stop when switching to/from screen lock.
Smart recording system: Will start the recording before the actual trigger sound occur.
Adjustable trigger sensitivity level and pre-recording DSP filters can be applied for better trigger accuracy.
Noise cancellation system: Will suppress noise according to a pre-recorded noise profile. Perfect for use with laptops with internal noise etc. Can detect and trigger at really low sound levels.
Dictation mode: All recordings are collected into a single mp3-file. Individual recordings can be located inside the file by timestamps.
Sound logger: Measure sound or noise levels over time with the built in sound logger.
View the measured sound/noise levels graphically with the built in viewer.
Audio/sound data can be exported to an MS Excel compatible format.
File Splitter: Recordings can be split and saved after a pre-defined size or time.
E-mail handling: After the recording is saved the audio file can automatically be sent by e-mail to designated address. You can also create voice mail with the integrated voice mail function. TLS encrypted connections are supported.
Scheduler: Snooper can be setup to be activated in different recorder mode at specific time and date.
Trigger event: Play a selectable sound when a trigger occurs. Start of external program.
MP3 technology: Using compact MPEG layer 3 audio format the file size will be less than 4 MB for one hour of recording! Various settings available including bit rate, sample rate, mono, stereo, etc.
Snooper v1.38.3 final + portable (2013) русский + английский Snooper v1.38.3 final + portable (2013) русский + английский Snooper v1.38.3 final + portable (2013) русский + английский

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